egr delete kit


Ford egr delete kit is a phrase that has come about since the advent of the Ford 6.0 diesel engine. While the engine has been a great workhorse for Ford, it has inherent problems with the egr cooler setup which can be very expensive to repair and often requires multiple repairs over the life of the truck.

Fortunately for Ford Powerstroke owners, this has opened the door for custom manufacturers like Dicad Solutions to come up with an affordable solution known as an egr delete kit. While the kit is designed for off road use, many Ford owners have used this simple kit to get their vehicle back on the roads and running quickly, with lower water temps and improved reliability.

Utilizing a simple bypass tube, a block plate, and an upflow pipe to increase airflow, many truck owners have reported better fuel economy and more horsepower after doing the replacement. While the benefits are many, there are some issues to take into consideration before deciding that an egr delete kit is the right solution for your truck. Installation may void your warranty and the egr valve is a part of your emissions system and thus some states will require that it be in place. Be sure to check with the laws of your state.

Replacing the valve with a Ford 6.0 egr delete kit has been the solution for tens of thousands of truck owners and one that is certainly worthy of consideration if you are experiencing problems or just want to be sure your truck stays on the road when you need it most.

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